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Steve Miller
Snapsold co-founder, executive director Photographer, videographer
Snapsold co-founder, executive director Photographer, videographer. Steve is a juggler, both of random items and creative talents. He has been an art director for various advertising agencies and spent several years as the creative director for a large national corporation. He has design skills, photography skills, videography skills and does some writing, as well.

A co-founder of Snapsold, Steve is a terrific organizer and planner, adept at directing people and ideas toward a common goal. If he had a motto, it might be unitas et sem! – unity and teamwork.

Steve is an avid biker, the peddling kind, and he enjoys gardening, tennis and wood-splitting… for reasons unknown. His wife Livi is a college professor and they have three grown children and two adorable grandkids (photos upon request).

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