The Snapsold story, told briefly

By Steve Miller
It started with my sister. A successful interior designer in Dallas, Kathleen understood the real estate business there, so when she heard my ideas about a career change, she suggested I consider real estate photography, since it’s big business in the booming Big D market.“You could do that in Memphis.”  She was emphatic about it.

I was intrigued. Creative communication is my business, with many years as a graphic designer and art director. And Memphis was a real estate market in need, it seemed.

Over lunch one day in 2015, I shared the idea with my long-time friend, Allen Mims, a well-known Memphis commercial photographer. I was only semi-serious, but Allen saw the potential immediately. “We should do this!” He was emphatic about it. So we merged our two businesses and started Snapsold Photography.

Snapsold evolved over the following year, benefiting from advice from Carlton Crothers with small-business incubator Emerge Memphis. He helped us establish a business canvas and significant marketing objectives.

From our first year in 2016 where we shot hundreds of homes, we now shoot thousands of homes every year with a growing list of talented photographers. And service offerings have blossomed to include drone service, video walk-through home tours, and 3D-360° technology.

The Snapsold credo is to deliver superb quality. Always. Every home bears a gift of memories that our photos hope to honor.

It doesn’t hurt to hear clients refer to us as “essential” to their business. Our objective always has been to earn a place on their team.