How can you get the very best photos for your new listing? Pay attention to the details!

Here are the ten most important things to do before the photographer comes:


  1. Give your yard a fresh cut and trim the shrubs. Cut, edge, blow and mulch.
  2. Move your cars out of the drive. In the garage or on the street (not directly in front of your house)
  3. Move garbage cans out of sight.
  4. Make the back yard and patio look neat and decluttered.
  5. Give a touch of color. A fresh plant or two – potted or planted.


  1. Open the blinds and drapes. It looks more inviting and brightens interiors.
  2. Clear countertops and surfaces of most items. Leave a few decorative items.
  3. Turn TV off and clean the screen.
  4. Put toilet lids down.
  5. Turn on all interior lights. All lightbulbs functional with consistent color.

Download our handy checklist to completely prepare your home.